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1. Photoelastic research of threedimensional problems of fracture mechanics стор 5
2. Comparison of solving algorithms for a mathematical model of filtration-diffusion transfer in the medium of spherical moisture-saturated microporous particles стор 15
3. Research of properties of protective coating applied to the surface of reaction-sintered ceramic materials стор 22
4. Mathematical modeling diffusion of admixture particles in a strip with randomly located spherical inclusions of different materials with commensurable volume fractions of phases стор 28
5. The results of root crop cleaner experimental research стор 47
6. Experimental research of the module for gathering plant of chicory roots стор 56
7. Investigation of geometrical parameters in screw surfaces whirling process стор 68
8. Investigation of the operation of vibration-centrrifugal installation for automobile parts machining стор 79
9. Calculation of some turbulent wall currents стор 89
10. Features of pressing the juice from viburnum berries стор 94
11. Structural improvement of face mills designs based on systems approach стор 102
12. Dynamics of regular microrelief formation on internal cylindric surfaces стор 115
13. Experimental and quantum chemical studies of some derivative of decahydroacridinedione-1,8 as corrosion inhibitor of steel 17 gs in ns4 solution стор 129
14. Algorithm for designing of speed change control devices through a gear differential with a closed-loop hydraulic system стор 138

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