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1. Analytical approach to determination of surface strengthening of chevron gears стор 5
2. Software of high-precision goniometric complex with artificial intelligence стор 13
3. Investigation of object manipulation positioning accuracy by bernoulli gripping devices in robotic cells стор 21
4. Technological systems investigation machines tools with parallel structure kinematics стор 37
5. Calculation of the stress – strain state of blades made of polymer composite materials of starting turboexpanders in resonance zones стор 45
6. Mechanical and mathematical modeling of the load movement on the thread wound on cylindrical drum with movable axis стор 54
7. Automated planning of the optimal movement trajectories of mobile mechatronic devices стор 64
8. Modeling of crack opening mode sif for a crack in a thin-walled structural channel beam стор 78
9. Contact interaction of a predeformed plate which lies without friction on rigid base with a parabolic indenter стор 87
10. Model of transverse-transverse type piezoelectric transformer стор 96
11. Numerical simulation of dynamic shear tests for high-strength steels specimens стор 110
12. Modified VIKOR method as a component of decision support of information technology of the dual form of education стор 121
13. Efficiency evaluation of using lubricants with fullerene compositions during operation of trucks in the urban driving cycle стор 130
14. Method of operational life’s increasing of transport’s parts due to usage of coatings based on epoxy matrix modified by maleinic anhydride with improved thermal physical properties стор 140
15. Concept of design, requirements and generalized architectures of components of the integrated onto-oriented information environment of simulation and processing of cyclic signals стор 147
16. Thermomechanical analysis of nitinol memory alloy behavior стор 161

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