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1. Innovative technologies in corrosion-resistant coatings development aimed at ship navigation equipment protection стор 5
2. Simulation of boring by smoothed particle hydrodynamics method стор 13
3. Mathematical fundamentals of the method of identification of metal inclusions in raw materials with automatic determination of their coordinates стор 23
4. Substantiation of flexible screw conveyor metal consumption under productivity maintenance conditions стор 33
5. Synthesis and experimental studies of the method of manufacturing screw spirals with a rotating plug with feasibility study стор 43
6. Separation of the 3D stress state of a loaded plate into two-dimensional tasks: bending and symmetric compression of the plate стор 53
7. Physico-chemical properties and wear resistance of nitrided steel 38KhMUA стор 63
8. The molecular mobility of the epoxy binder in a modified composites by electric-hammer стор 70
9. Investigation of the stress-strain state of beams with different types of web perforation стор 79
10. Contact of the edges of the interphase cut on the arc of the circle between the isotropic plate and the closed elastic rib стор 88
11. Installation for the investigation of screw working bodies with elastic surfaces and the results of their experimental tests стор 98
12. Determination of the calorific value of natural gas using predictive modelling стор 110
13. An experimental technique for studying the behavior of high-strength steel under static punching стор 117
14. Development of a web resource for safe job search in a Covid-19 pandemic стор 123

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