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1. Mathematical represantation of the branch kinematics of a transmission with descreteflexible connection стор 5
2. Results of the experimental investigations of fodder beets harvesting technologies стор 16
3. Analysis of the virtual educational community based on user profile data стор 27
4. The study of technological peculiarities for improvement of chemical and physico-mechanical properties of reaction-sintered ceramic materials based on molybdenum disilicide стор 39
5. Utilization of OLP method in the analysis of a robotic 3d scanning process стор 47
6. Project management features in the cybersecurity area стор 54
7. Economic aspects of information protection under present large-scale cyber-attacks conditions стор 63
8. Use of energy-efficient systems for ensuring the microclimate of the premises стор 75
9. Investigation of the spatial motion of a body with distributed mass connected by an inextensible cable to a moving trolley стор 83
10. Potentials of reinforcement learning in contemporary scenarios стор 92
11. Some features of automatic electric arc surfacing under the flux with controlled periodic change of modes стор 101
12. Theoretical research of the effect of rotational motion on the shape of surface of the deposited layer стор 117
13. Determination of tangential stresses in reinforced flexible wooden elements taking into account the nonlinearity of material deformation стор 125
14. Analysis of the effect of horizontal ties on the deformability of the bottom of the floating pool стор 133

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