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1. Adaptive pid regulation method of uninterruptible power supply battery charge current based on artificial neural network стор 5
2. Study of the efficiency of using a heat pump in the heat supply system of a private house стор 14
3. Evaluation of the reverse transformation methods complexity of the residual number system for secure data storage стор 21
4. Technical and technological impacts on metal crystallization during automatic and mechanized electric arc weldingsurfacing стор 29
5. Methodology and some results of studying the influence of frequency on functional properties of pseudoelastic SMA стор 45
6. Model of data flow control subsystem of the manet class mobile radio network control system стор 51
7. Criterion assessment of the efficiency of injection equipment during the injection of powdered ferroalloys стор 60
8. Algorithms for automatic of metrological characteristics of transducers стор 67
9. Automated ai-based proctoring for online testing in e-learning system стор 76
10. Dynamics of interaction of components during mixing стор 86
11. Technology of autoclassification of changes in the process of multicomponent software development стор 99
12. Website dependability evaluation model based on a multi-criteria approach стор 105
13. Evaluation of user interfaces of various flight controllers for uav стор 114
14. The concept of improvement high-strength aluminum alloys FSW joint properties via post-weld explosive treatment стор 125

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