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1. Estimation of the load capacity and the strain-stress state of rod transporters стор 5
2. High-performance intellectual information technologies for the study of filtration systems in different-sized nanoporous particles media стор 16
3. Modeling the risks of the confession process of the accused of criminal offenses based on survival concept стор 27
4. Welding of polymers by infrared laser radiation стор 38
5. Heat exchange in a chamber apparatus with a circulation circuit during cheese masses production стор 43
6. Influence of oblique geometry of cutting inserts of finishing face mills on cutting forces стор 54
7. Construction of static solutions of the equations of elasticity and thermoelasticity theory стор 64
8. Modelling of functional properties of shape-memory alloys by machine learning methods стор 74
9. Method of calibration mems accelerometer and magnetometer for increasing the accuracy determination angular orientation of satellite antenna reflector стор 79
10. Analysis of the stress-strain state of the vehicle frame by finite element method стор 89
11. A one-dimensional mathematical model of piezoelectric transformers for cad system стор 102
12. The method of nanotubes causing on polytetrafluoroethylene films surface стор 117
13. Some aspects of autonomous cyber-physical systems diagnostics by their qualitative state стор 122
14. Computer modeling of cardiac rhythm based on vector of stationary random sequences стор 131

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