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1. High temperature oxidation of double carbide based hard alloys стор 5
2. Determination of the characteristic function of discrete-time conditional linear random process and its application стор 16
3. Creation and substantiation of the matrix for model series of tubular propeller turbines for small hydropower plants стор 24
4. The study of interaction parameters of the elastic brush screw working body fibers with the spherical surfaces of the grain material стор 32
5. Peculiarities of heat exchange in dough under rotary rollers action стор 43
6. Technology of relational database management systems performance evaluation during computer systems design стор 54
7. The methodical peculiarities of the investigation of portal crane rolled steels degradation стор 66
8. Technologies for designing and programming big data in e-learning стор 72
9. Coordinate measurement in multi-beam drone positioning system стор 80
10. Methodology of analytical research of the microclimate of the bus drivers cab using the ANSYS-FLUENT software environment стор 90
11. The results of the study of the cutter of the remains of root crops haulm стор 99
12. The use of abstract moore automaton to control the sensors of a service-oriented alarm and emergency notification network стор 111
13. Investigation of the change in technological properties of refractory metals after diffusion saturation стор 121
14. Dependence of the rate of corrosion and hydrogen diffusion of 09Mn2Si steel on the concentration of hydrogen sulphide in chloride-acetate environments стор 130

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