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1. Calculation of termostabilization system led matrices by heat pipes стор 5
2. Development of an educational laboratory stand at the base fast-acting automatic reserve input стор 12
3. Brain-computer interaction neurointerface based on artificial intelligence and its parallel programming using high-performance calculation on cluster mobile devices стор 26
4. Determination of dynamic characteristics of the centrifuge shaft стор 32
5. Experimental studies of pruning the haulm of chicory root tops стор 41
6. The concept of a virtual point of commercial accounting of natural gas energy and the algorithm for its software implementation стор 51
7. Finding physically justified partial solutions of the equations of the thermoelasticity theory in the cylindrical coordinate system стор 58
8. Estimation of the structural ρ parameter for a number of structural materials стор 67
9. Strength and deformation analysis of a welded truss under load in fire and emergency temperature conditions стор 73
10. Methods of constructing algorithms for comparative test statistical verification of mathematical models of bioobject responses to low-intensity stimuli стор 82
11. Simulation of a pre-deformed plate compression by two indenters of complex shape стор 91
12. Substantiation of the protection system’s technical outline for the aerospace objects стор 102
13. Numerical study of nonisothermal flow of polymer melt with undermelted granules in an annular channel of a disk extruder стор 115
14. Anti-corrosion polymer coatings for vehicles protection стор 127

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