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1. Estimation of the structural elements damage based on coercitive force measurements. Report 2. The results of experimental investigations of coercimetric control use for evaluation of paramagnetic austenitic steel damage degree under mechanical stress стор 7
2. Determination of mechanical properties of alloy steel 30Cr2CH2MFA according to the instrumented indentation results стор 28
3. Mathematical model and informative parameters of the magnetoelastic acoustic emission signal стор 37
4. The local stress state of the pipeline with axial and angular weld misalignment стор 51
5. Investigating the influence of fine-dispersed aluminum, nickel and titanium on the properties of phenylone стор 58
6. Ir-spectal analysis of organicplastics based on polyeteraphthorethylene стор 64
7. Method of reaction-sintered products processing based on silicon carbide and molibdenum disilicide стор 75
8. Experimental investigations of the homogeneity coefficient of root crops crushed particles стор 80
9. Universal system of electrode wire feed соntrol for mechanized electric arc welding and surfacing equipment стор 89
10. Numerical simulation of electric signal in the cyber-physical immunosensor system on rectangular lattice in R package стор 96
11. Simulation of dynamic modes in the asynchronous motor стор 104
12. Impact of the translucent structures of exterior wall envelope orientation on the energy balance of the premises стор 111
13. Integration of magnetic amplifier switch model into computer aided design for power converters стор 123
14. Determination of hydrogen concentration influence on stresses in structures стор 134
15. Prediction technique for thin-walled cylindrical tubes boundary state стор 145

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