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1. On estimation of the structural elements damage according to coercive force. Message 3. Results of experimental studies of the possibility of using a coercive-metric control to estimate the degree of damage of ferromagnetic steels under mechanical loading стор 7
2. Influence of technical glycerine and composition on his base on 20 steel and aluminium corrosion durability in 0,1% NaCl стор 19
3. Interphase incision on the limit welding of orthotropic plate with elliptical hole and closed elastic rib стор 26
4. The dynamic processes during the telescopic screw transporters work стор 34
5. Influence of рН rate on corrosion of gas pipelines in soils with high mineralization стор 41
6. Presentation of a general 3D solution of equations of elasticity theory for a wide class of orthotropic materials стор 49
7. Corrosion of industrial gas pipelines under the action of formation waters стор 55
8. Mathematical modeling of mixing-grinding of feed by vertical conical screw стор 67
9. Peculiarities of heat exchange in dough under the rotating rollers action стор 75
10. Improvement of equipment for plasma lubrication of gas-turbine engines and installations стор 86
11. Taking impact of oscillation amplitude of bearing frame sections of boom sprayers into account on its resource стор 97
12. About the approach of solving machine learning problems integrated with data from open source systems of electronic medical records стор 105
13. Choice of software development technologies based on pareto-optimal solutions стор 116
14. Comparative analysis of results of numerical simulation of cyber-physical biosensor systems on the basis of lattice differential equations стор 123
15. High-performance computing technologies of modeling and identification of adsorption in nanoporous systems with feedbacks for gas purification стор 139

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