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1. Elastic-plastic deformation of a half-layer with a notch at rigid loading стор 5
2. Hot stamp pressure on elastic half-space taking into account imperfect thermal contact through thin intermediate layer стор 14
3. Interphase cross-sections in the infinity plate with curvilinear contour reinforced by closed rib стор 23
4. Forecasting potential risks of leakage on gas pipelines стор 32
5. Fatigue failure of gusset plates nodes of welded truss стор 39
6. Surface deformation relief features under multiaxial fatigue стор 45
7. Negative side effects of corrosion preventive compounds on aircraft fatigue and criteria for their selection стор 51
8. Substantiation of parameters for three-cutter boring head with allowance and feed distribution and asymmetric cutter position стор 57
9. Influence of magneto-abrasive machining duration on the precision of HSS taps стор 70
10. Optimization of the geometrical parameters of coupling in the connective unit. Model and calculations стор 77
11. Parameters investigation for independent pendular suspension of sprayer boom стор 90
12. Identification of parameters and investigation of stability of the mathematical model biosensor for measuring α-chaconine стор 101
13. Periodic solutions of linear systems with asymmetric variable rank matrix in the derivatives стор 112
14. Method of development and architecture of integrative ontooriented system for proffesional healing activity «Image therapist» for the chinese image medicine стор 120

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