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1. Optimal control of induction heating in the surfacing processes of thin shaped disks стор 5
2. Investigations of a thermomechanical processes in products subjected to annealing and operating conditions after annealing: theory, calculations стор 14
3. Research of surface cracks propagation with a complex geometric contour after the influence of tensile overloads стор 29
4. Technique and some study results of shape memory alloy-based damping device functional parameters стор 37
5. Finite-element simulation of PDC drill bit’s operational stress-strain state стор 45
6. On approximation of mechanical condition diagrams of coniferous and deciduous wood species on compression along the fibers стор 57
7. Technological features of welding of plastics based on polyhydroxybutyrate стор 65
8. Designing solar power concentrator model with extentional focal zone стор 72
9. Important aspects of the experimental research methodology стор 77
10. Automation of acoustic-emission diagnostic systems control processes стор 88
11. Unification of the analog part of the biosignal processing channel стор 97
12. Method for reducing the computational complexity of processing discrete cyclic random processes in digital data analysis systems стор 110
13. Method of vector rhythmcardiosignal automatic generation in computer-based systems of heart rhythm analysis стор 122
14. Software requirements profile: life cycle and his relation with development processes стор 133

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