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1. Prediction of SMA residual lifetime taking into account mechanical properties under constant amplitude loading стор 5
2. Incomplete contact of the orthotropic plate with the elliptical hole and the closed elastic rib стор 14
3. Analysis of the dynamics of laminated glass composite panels under impact loading стор 24
4. Wear resistant hard alloys for agricultural machines elements стор 33
5. Comparative analysis of the quality of plastic products formed by DLP and FDM 3D printing technologies стор 40
6. Dynamics of a spherical pendulum on a nonlinear elastic suspension under the action of a variable side aerodynamic load стор 49
7. Investigation of abrasive granule movement relatively to the workpiece surface during vibration treatment стор 59
8. Investigation of the hot rolling process at the steckel mill by means of modeling by the finite-element method стор 68
9. Types of special-form mills defects for KZh20 machine-tool стор 80
10. Dynamic model of a closed-loop hydraulic system for speed control through gear differential стор 91
11. Study of the efficiency of working mixture application in chemical crop protection стор 99
12. Identification and modeling of processes for automated control of functional diagnostics of metal structures стор 110
13. Software development documenting – documentation types and standards стор 120
14. Control system simulation by modular uninterruptible power supply unit with adaptive regulation function стор 129

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