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1. Fatigue crack growth in aluminum alloy from cold expanded hole with preexisting crack стор 5
2. Timber with improved strength and deformable properties стор 17
3. Fatigue damage of the heel joint of welded roof truss стор 28
4. The influence of the thickness of the elastic spherical shell with liquid on its stress-strain state стор 34
5. Evaluation of theoretical strength of porous materials according to catastrophe theory стор 44
6. Robust stability and evaluation of the quality functional for linear control systems with matrix uncertainty стор 55
7. Investigation of oscillatory displacement of the hydraulic presses moving parts during their braking in the upper initial position стор 66
8. Mechanical properties of heat-resistant superalloy Inconel 718 obtained by selective laser melting and heat treatment under different load directions стор 75
9. Mathematical model of the molten metal drop’s motion on the surface of a steel rotating disk стор 86
10. Study of heat resistance of epoxy matrix modified by phthalimide for protection of vehicles стор 93
11. Dynamic model of speed control through ring gears in a device with a multistage gear differentials and closed-loop hydraulic systems стор 102
12. Comparison of calculatings methods of the main parameters for single-tier tuyeres стор 112
13. Development and research of Wi-Fi network for receiving and transmitting telemechanical information in the training laboratory стор 124
14. Methods and means of increasing the reliability of computerized modular uninterruptible power supply system стор 133

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