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“Scientific journal of TNTU” is a scientific journal of the Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University. Scientific papers in the following fields are accepted for publication:
121 - Software engineering
122 - Computer sciences
123 - Computer engineering
124 - System analysis
125 – Cyber security
131 - Mechanical engineering
132 - Material Science
133 - Industrial machinery engineering
134 - Aerospace and missile technology
136 - Metallurgy
152 - Metrology and information-measuring technology

The journal ( ISSN: 2522-4433 ) was traced in the list of scientific journals ICI Journals Master List 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

DOI: 10.33108/visnyk_tntu

The journal was set up according to the decision of the Academic Council of the Ternopil Instrument-making Institute and named “Scientific journal of the Ternopil Instrument-making Institute” ( Certificate of the state registration No 190, TP series, 06.02.1996). As a result of renaming of the Ternopil Ivan Puluj Instrument-making Institute into the Ternopil Ivan Puluj State Technical University ( Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No 1563, December 30, 1996 ). “Scientific journal of the Ternopil Instrument-making Institute” was re-registered into “Scientific journal of the Ternopil State Technical University” ( Certificate of registration No 221, TP series, 16.05.1997). In 2010, as a result of gaining the status of the National University and state registration in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine the scientific journal was named “Scientific journal of the Ternopil National Technical University” ( Certificate of registration No 16861-5624 PR, HF series, 10.06.2010).
The journal is a scientific - professional edition since 1996. According to the Order of Ministry of education and science of Ukraine ( No. 1279, 06.11.2014 ) the journal is certified as the scientific professional in all engineering subjects.
The program objective and scientific content of the Scientific journal are to promote spreading information on new scientific papers and results of scientific - investigation developments in mechanics and materials study, mechanical-engineering and production automation, instrument-making and information-measuring systems, mathematic modeling and mathematics.
Scientific journal is approved by the MES of Ukraine as the scientific specialised edition in all engineering sciences. It is published four times a year as a journal.
Since 2009 electronic versions of the articles have been deposited in the institutional repository ELARTU.
The articles with original industrilly-oriented investigations, which are of scientific value and have not been published before, are accepted for publication.
Review articles are not accepted. Requirements for the articles submition are presented below.
The editorial board carries out internal and external review of the articles. Editorial Board provides internal and external reviews of the articles.
Chief editor – Dr. Yasniy Petro Volodymyrovych, Corresponding Member of NAS.
Editorial Board – prominent Ukrainian and foreign scientists, including 9 Academicians of the Ukraine NAS, 4 Corresponding members, 25 Doctors of Sciences. The members of Editorial Board are foreign scientists from France, Hungary, Poland,Estonia, Germany, USA, Italy, Romаnia, Slovenia, UK, Croatia.
License requirements – the journal is copyright, publishing original scientific articles, containing the results of experimental and theoretical investigations, being not applied for publishing or reviewing in other editions. All information is under the license of Creative Commons Attribution License International CC-BY being reproduced or transmitted with the author’s permission and addressed to this journal.
Open Access – “Scientific journal of TNTU” is of open access. All information is of the storage and retrieval system published free in real time for the scientific articles, posted on journal’s official site in the part “Archives”. The Editorial Board follows the publication  ethics  and professional standards to ensure the principles of transparency and quality in scientific publications ( See publication ethics ).

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