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1. Methodology for the selection of a smart material as actuator in neurosurgical robotics стор 5
2. Numerical prediction of the strength of a thin-walled pipe loaded with internal pressure and axial tension taking into account its actual dimensions стор 11
3. Representation of the stress state of some orthotropic materials by three harmonic functions of three variables стор 20
4. Mathematical model of dynamic processes during frictional hardening of the cylindrical surfaces of parts стор 29
5. Improvement of prt-9 constructive system on the basis of frame elements strength balance стор 40
6. Development of resource-saving and environmentally safe beryllium bronze soldering technology стор 46
7. Analysis of accuracy control improvement methods of antenna system mechanisms based on stewart platform стор 55
8. Substantiation of constructive parameters of a frame structure elements of the rope mechanism transport system for storing piece loadings into small warehouses стор 62
9. Methods of calculation of the power for dough kneading with the use of blade-free working part стор 75
10. Experimental studies of the inertial safety clutch for screw conveyor стор 86
11. Experimental and analytical study of petrol engine electromagnetic injectors control system стор 97
12. Universal hardware and software system of signal converting for integrated sensor devices implementation стор 106
13. Evaluation of methods for determining abnormalities in cardiovascular system by pulse signal under psycho-emotional stress in dental practice стор 118
14. Experimental study of forced oscillations affinity-shaped reinforced thin-walled cylinder model стор 127
15. Comparative analysis of neurointerface technologies for the problem of their reasonable choice in human-machine information systems стор 135

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